'Lunch on Limoges' was once a dry good store

There’s a strong argument that Lunch on Limoges made downtown Dade City a destination, allowing for other surrounding businesses that come later to be successful. Before it was a restaurant, it was a dry good store and the business has been in the family for 112 years.

All smiles after Army dad's surprise

Second-grader Coral Pena got the surprise of a lifetime on Friday when her father, an active-duty Army service member, unexpectedly appeared at her school after more than a year away from home.

Caterpillars can squash your yellow squash

After a couple of attempts, David Whitwam with Whitwam Organics is having success with his squash crop in the Good Day Garden. Hopefully, there will be plenty ready-to-go squash in time for Thanksgiving.

One Tank Trip: Maxwell Groves

Travel down the back roads of Highlands County, make a turn onto East Circle Street and you'll find an open sign on a wooden porch with rocking chairs. It's an inviting sight for anyone to stop at Maxwell Groves. 

Bradenton museum offers something for everyone

Want to see a meteorite from space? Or is your interest more in ancient fossils from long extinct beasts that walked the earth? What if you could see both in the same place while learning about other parts of this amazing world we live in?