Tugboat predates Gasparilla on Tampa Bay

Lynda Weiss is a tugboat captain for Hendry Marine Industries. She is one of the captains bringing in the Gasparilla invasion by leading the Floatilla.On this particular day, Weiss is on the Dorothy. It’s been in a few more Gasparilla invasions than the captain.

Forced into partial paralysis, Justice thrives as therapy dog

When Justice was a pup, she was found abandoned in Brooksville with pencils bandaged to her legs. She had an infection all through her legs and they became paralyzed. The paralysis was done to her. She wasn't born with it. While she had a tough beginning, it's what made her tough -- and thriving.

Moms team up to battle pediatric cancer

The children of two Tampa moms were diagnosed with cancer, and they quickly realized the lack of research into pediatric cancer research, and decided to do something about it by creating a non-profit foundation. That was 28 years ago. Today, that organization is known as the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

Extraordinary Ordinaries: 'Sparkles by Maxine'

Maxine Simeone, who was born with Down syndrome, found a passion for custom jewelry, and, even better found a Clearwater business that would sell them. She also has a website where you can directly order her accessories.

Extraordinary Ordinaries: Pottery with Parkinson's

A pastor took up the art of pottery, and in the meantime, molded his life. Bruce Wright launched "Pottery with Parkinson's" and finds solitude in creating pottery. It's a hobby that takes the steadiest of palms, but he has mastered, despite Parkinson's.