Inflation surges globally as economies reel from pandemic

Rising inflation is leading to price increases for food, gas and other products and pushing many people to choose between digging deeper into their pockets or tightening their belts. In developing economies, it's especially dire.

Tips to simplify your Thanksgiving travel

Don't be a turkey when you get ready to fly. The ‘Points Guy’ travel expert David Slotnick says now more than ever is the time for travelers to be “in the know.”

DeSantis pitches billion-dollar plan for gas tax relief

DeSantis said the approximately 25-cent-a-gallon "gas tax relief" proposal could save the average Florida family up to $200 over a five- to six-month period, while reducing state revenue by more than $1 billion.

With supply down, Christmas tree prices are up this year

According to the American Christmas Tree Association, supply chain issues are affecting trees like so many other things. Fuel costs, port congestion, and extreme weather are all playing a factor in the overall number of trees available and their higher price tags.