Suspended HART CEO spent nearly $2,000 at restaurants

Last year, Hillsborough County voters were so fed up with traffic they approved the highest sales tax in the state to fund improvements. Then in March, Ben Limmer was hired to lead Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority - HART - which will spend much of the new tax money.

Florida has high hopes for hemp, but scientists warn state may get burned

While state leaders promote hemp as Florida's next big cash crop, scientists are still trying to figure out the best varieties and conditions to grow it in Florida. They stress much more work needs to be done in testing facilities before they can relay the best techniques and skills to would-be farmers. 

Investigating cyber-security at U.S. Central Command

While the college admissions scandal exposed students getting undue help on their exams, FOX 13 started hearing and investigating claims of a different kind of cheating in one of the most sensitive parts of our government. 

Legal resident faces deportation after overturned conviction

In the course of an investigation that spanned several years, FOX 13 uncovered evidence that freed a man from prison named Jean Claude Meus. A judge overturned his conviction 10 years ago. But while Meus is a lawful U.S. resident, the information in his court file caught the attention of federal immigration enforcement and resulted in a deportation case. 

FOX 13 investigation inspires bill to support disabled first responders

Florida voters gave disabled first responders a tax break. Then a Fox 13 investigation found state lawmakers added exclusions that disqualify many who need help the most. Now state lawmakers are responding to our reports with legislation to lift the restrictions and grant the tax relief as written on the ballot. 

With school lunch legislation, Florida lawmakers weaken protections for fire victims

When state lawmakers passed a bill to promote nutrition in school lunches, voters -- and perhaps some of the legislators -- may not have known the bill also included provisions that weaken protections for fire victims. Families who live in the town of Eastpoint say they are paying for it after a fire disaster wiped out their homes, and they say it could cost state taxpayers much more. 

Blue-green slime and red tide: An in-depth look at Florida's water crisis

Explorers discovered Florida's treasure. We cherished and preserved it for hundreds of years -- until now.   This is a story of water choked in slime.  A river sample that tested 10 times too toxic to touch. Dead fish, manatees, turtles, and sharks fouling the beaches.  And politicians pointing fingers or asleep at the wheel. 

How lawmakers tweaked amendment meant to help disabled first responders

In 2016, voters overwhelmingly passed Amendment Three to give a property tax exemption to totally and permanently disabled first responders living in Florida. Then, after it passed, the legislature disqualified many totally and permanently disabled first responders living in Florida.