Waiting for Help: Florida's wait list for citizens with disabilities

Florida has a crisis in serving people with developmental disabilities. Thousands are waiting for home and community-based services due to a backlog in state government. And while the legislature increased funding to help some of them, most will continue to wait. 

FOX 13 investigates wait list for developmentally disabled citizens

In Florida, thousands of intellectually and developmentally disabled residents qualify for community and home-based services but do not receive them. They’ve been on a wait list for years. And advocates say the longer families wait, the more it could compromise their health and cost all of us. 

Why the government is releasing convicted rapists from prison

Harmony Allen was 19 years old and three months into her Air Force training when she was raped and beaten unconscious. Her sergeant was later convicted, but he was released from prison not long after, thanks to an apparent military loophole.

The gender pay gap in Florida government

Government reports show men make more money than women in the private workforce. But who tracks the pay gaps in our government? FOX 13 compared salaries at state and local levels, and the results may surprise you.

Suspended HART CEO spent nearly $2,000 at restaurants

Last year, Hillsborough County voters were so fed up with traffic they approved the highest sales tax in the state to fund improvements. Then in March, Ben Limmer was hired to lead Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority - HART - which will spend much of the new tax money.

Florida has high hopes for hemp, but scientists warn state may get burned

While state leaders promote hemp as Florida's next big cash crop, scientists are still trying to figure out the best varieties and conditions to grow it in Florida. They stress much more work needs to be done in testing facilities before they can relay the best techniques and skills to would-be farmers.