History mystery surrounds pink Lakeland home

Christopher Satterfield is in the process of renovating a more-than-100-year-old historic pink Victorian-style home in the Dixieland neighborhood of Lakeland. He says there's evidence it was built by none other than Henry B. Plant.

Historic Shell Dash Cottage to be rebuilt in new location

For more than a century, history was hidden in plain sight on the cottage on 2nd Ave. North In St. Petersburg. The history is in the stucco that coats the 1909 structure, whose builders used coquina shells to form the texture, millions of shells.

How the Buccaneers helped define 'Tampa Bay'

The Bucs' worst-to-first story has become part of the fabric of the Tampa Bay Area. In fact, the effort to get the NFL to award the franchise helped lead to the name “Tampa Bay.”

Remembering Disney's 1991 Super Bowl halftime show

You have to go back a few years to remember this. It’s the Super Bowl halftime show from 30 years ago. You may even know some of the performers. Three decades later, it’s still remembered as a magical night.

Getting ready for the 1991 Super Bowl halftime show

When Tampa Stadium hosted Super Bowl XXV in 1991, the Gulf War was underway. 2,000 Tampa-area kids were part of the show, along with The New Kids on the Block and Walt Disney stars like Mickey Mouse. Here’s Alan Wendt’s original report from 1991.

How Tampa watched the Super Bowl in 1991

When Tampa Stadium hosted Super Bowl XXV in 1991, some fans were disappointed that Joe Montana wasn’t in town. But that didn’t stop them from making the trip to Tampa, where the Tampa Bay Center Mall next to the stadium ended up being a gathering spot for many seeking tickets. Here’s Alan Wendt’s original report from 1991.