Bay Area sprinter breaks record set by Usain Bolt

With a time of 20.11 seconds in the 200-meter race, Hillsborough High sprinter Erriyon Knighton bested a U18 record previously set by Olympic gold medalist, Usain Bolt. Knighting didn't set out to break a record set by arguably the greatest sprinter of all time, but he knew he would do something special that day.

Jefferson High baseball: A family affair

Coaching side-by-side is a dream scenario for the Nunez brothers, but there was supposed to be a third Nunez on the staff. Casey and Spencer's father Pasquale was going to be an assistant as well, but he passed away from renal failure in December.

Calvin Baisley, a Land O' Lakes legend

Calvin Baisley Field is home to the Land O' Lakes High Gators baseball program. The field is named after the legendary coach, Calvin Baisley. Such commemorations are typically done after a legend is gone, but Baisley is still very much the head coach.

Youth fueling Newsome softball 

Every sports team has their own experience of last year being stripped by the COVID-19 pandemic. In the case of Newsome softball, it meant not being denied redemption after losing the 2019 state championship.

Leto sophomore throws back-to-back no-hitters

A no-hitter in baseball is one of the most amazing feats a pitcher can accomplish. The only thing harder would be throwing back-to-back no-hitters, which is exactly what Leto sophomore Bryan Rivera did.

Florida House set to pass transgender athlete bill

The Florida House is poised to pass a measure that would bar transgender females from participating in girls’ and women’s high-school and college sports, amid fierce opposition from Democrats and warnings about potential financial repercussions.