MLB star Pete Alonso's jersey retired at Plant High School

It was maybe the first time that Pete Alonso's high school coach had praise instead of instruction. And he made sure to beam it from the loudspeakers at the field at Plant High School so all of his current players could hear.

Robinson High School grad is now a Super Bowl champion

The Kansas City Chiefs are on top of the world right now, celebrating their first Super Bowl victory in 50 years. Among the players in the flurry of confetti is a familiar face and an athlete whose career kicked off right here in Tampa Bay.

The Bartalo Brothers are leading Gaither through the playoffs

The Bartalo family has had a big part in leading the Cowboys to the top seed. Tony is the quarterback; younger brother Nick blocks for him on the line, and their father Steve is an assistant coach. It's the tight-knit family within the Cowboys family.

The 'A-Train' still has Northside Christian rolling

Mike Alstott took over as Northside Christian's head football coach eight years ago. Some had thought it would be for just for the time his son was in school. But Griffin graduated in 2017 and moved on to play in college; his dad stayed on and is committed to coaching.