A glass art exhibit is created by local military veterans

Operation Art of Valor is an exhibit of beautiful blown glass all done by local military veterans. The exhibit runs through December 29. Since the program was launched in March 2018, more than 20 veterans have had the opportunity to learn about glassblowing and other techniques for making glass art. Some even use it as PTSD therapy.

Creative Pinellas prepares for its big fundraising gala

Creative Pinellas is a non-profit local arts agency with a mission to sustain and support the artists of Pinellas County. The event this Thursday, November 14, brings together many of the most accomplished and well-recognized artists in Pinellas for a group exhibition and performance. The Arts Annual showcases professional and emerging artists who received Creative Pinellas’ 2016, 2017 and 2018 individual artist grants.

Tampa cigar factory renovations reveal secret stairwell

The grandson of the founder of J.C. Newman Cigar Company never knew there was a secret stairwell in a room once used by managers to count money made from that day's production of cigars. Employees discovered it two months ago as they continue to upgrade the factory for its 125th anniversary. Apparently, it was used to hide money from the mafia before they can rob the factory.

90-year-old machines are still used to make cigars in Tampa

When J.C. Newman Cigar Company first opened in the late 1800s, they, like all factory, rolled their cigars by hand. The factory introduced machines to speed up the process in the 1930s. Those same machines are still being used today in the last operating cigar factory in Ybor City.

This old-school citrus shop has been around since the 1950s

Lang Sun Country Groves is where you can still ship citrus to friends up north, or enjoy some fresh grapefruit pie they are famous for. The business has been handed down through the generations. The family’s aim was to produce the juiciest, sweetest citrus in Florida.

School Choice window is open in Hillsborough County

The Hillsborough County School District is hosting its School Choice Expo to educate you about everything the district has to offer, including magnet schools. Open enrollment is underway and closes at the end of the year. The event takes place at the Florida State Fairgrounds Friday, November 1 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Company brings wall murals into focus through smart app

There is a new way to learn even more about the murals in downtown St. Petersburg, thanks to Pixelstix. They’ve teamed up with the folks from SHINE Mural Festival to create a digital gallery. Using a smartphone with the Pixelstix app, visitors to a mural can scan a Pixelstix plaque which will load docent-level information about the mural and the artist onto their device. Additionally, interactive maps show the locations of the festival’s collection of murals, creating a personalized mural tour. For more information: pixelstix.com