Historic Sunken Gardens kept busy during lockdown

The Sunken Gardens is such a lush and beautiful piece of property. It first started as a nursery in 1903. George Turner, Sr. bought six acres of land, which included a shallow lake ten feet below sea level. He drained that lake, and the 'sunken' gardens began. This place has withstood tough times in our country before, and they are hanging in there now.

Anonymous donor will match every $13 Metro Ministries donation

With COVID-19 leading to so many lost jobs, Metropolitan Ministries has been working overtime to help those who suddenly find themselves in need. FOX 13 has been helping with a campaign called $13 for 13. A $13 donation will be matched by an anonymous donor and that $26 will be used to feed 13 people. That campaign ends May 21.

Get in-person music lessons at Replay Guitar

Replay Guitar Exchange is back open, and back to offering in-person music lessons. They have a great collection of new and used guitars, along with amps and all the other accessories you might need to rock out at home. The owner here also does work with his family’s charitable foundation that donated $350,000 to Tampa General Hospital to help them fight COVID-19.

The Florida Aquarium is open -- face masks required

There are some new rules in place as The Florida Aquarium reopens to guests. They’ve been busy behind the scenes during the pandemic, keeping all of the animals happy and healthy. Now they are pleased to be able to once again open their doors to visitors.

Gigglewaters in Safety Harbor operating under new rules

Gigglewaters is located right on Main Street in Safety Harbor. This is a great gathering place, known for their deliciously decadent food, and their handcrafted cocktails. During the shutdown, Gigglewaters’ owners decided to do what they could to help others. They’ve delivered meals to hospitals, provided free meals to those unemployed, and now they are grateful to be able to reopen their expanded patio area.

South Tampa restaurants, like Ava, begin reopening

Michael Stewart is one of the owners at Ava on South Howard, and is involved with several eateries around the Tampa Bay area. He discusses how restaurants are getting through the pandemic and how it's working now that they've reopened limited indoor dining.

Become a 'dragon' with aerial workouts at home

Whether you want to run away and join the circus, or just build great core strength from a different way of working out, you might want to become a Dragon. Aerial Dragon Studios is a high-flying circus arts school in Ybor City. They are now offering online classes -- even for beginners.

Online STEM classes available for elementary, middle school students

Jacobs is an American international professional services firm, specializing in engineering, construction and infrastructure. The city of Tampa is one of their many clients. They usually do a lot of work with school children, offering field trips and other educational opportunities. The pandemic has put a stop to that, so they’ve decided to offer a weekly, live, online STEM class.

Florida School of Woodwork moved their classes online

Businesses have certainly had to get creative, and some things they've changed may be here to last. That includes the Florida School of Woodwork in Tampa. They offer classes online and it has been so successful that they will continue to offer online classes even when they are able to reopen.