Florida officers hilariously arrest alligator at 104-year-old woman's home: 'Leave the grandmas alone'

A 5-foot alligator was hilariously put under arrest after it was removed by officers from the home of a 104-year-old woman in Jacksonville. 

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office shared video of the gator removal on social media last week, which shows Officers Kopp and Johnson responding to the home near Atlantic Boulevard and Art Museum Drive and removing the nuisance gator from the home. 

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"Oh, hey buddy!" one of the officers is heard saying to the alligator. 

The officer is then seen carrying the gator out of the home. 


Officers with the Jacksonville Sheriffs Office removed an alligator from a 104-year-old womans home. (Video: Jacksonville Sheriffs Office)

"We can't cuff him," the officer said. "You are under arrest. You gotta leave the grandmas alone. I'm gonna take you downtown."

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The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said a licensed trapper safely relocated the gator. 

"All in a day's work," the sheriff's office said.