Glazer Children’s Museum, Tampa Bay Rays team up for immersive baseball exhibit

From Little League to ‘Big League Fun’, a hands-on exhibit at the Glazer Children’s Museum gives visitors a chance to explore the ins and outs of baseball. 

The ‘Big League Fun’ exhibit is made up of different stations, including a press box where visitors can make commentary on different clips from the games and record their own audio and sound effects and play it back. There’s also an opportunity to play like an MLB ballplayer and see how far and how fast they hit the ball. Another station allows guests to run from base to base and see if they are fast enough to steal second. 

The 2,000 square foot exhibit also features memorabilia of baseball throughout the years. 

"In this pandemic especially, we all need opportunities to bond with one another and baseball is such a great multi-generational opportunity for families to deepen their connections," explained Kate White, vice president of marketing for the Glazer Children’s Museum. 

‘Big League Fun’ is partially funded by the Rays Baseball Foundation and gives fans a chance to celebrate America’s pastime differently. 

"You can come to the museum and play and get excited to the season that’s coming up," White commented.

‘Big League Fun’ is included with museum admission and runs through May 15.