Inflation pushing Tampa Bay area seniors to seek more help

Most of us are feeling the impact of inflation, but Tampa Bay’s Metropolitan Ministries said it’s having a huge impact on Florida seniors, many of whom are now coming to them for help. 

Metro Ministries said they’ve seen a 15% uptick in seniors going for groceries, clothing and even housing just this year.

"Say you're living on a disability income or social security income. You're alone. Your rent goes up, food goes up, cost of everything is up, and they just can't make ends meet," said Justine Burke with Metropolitan Ministries. "We do hear from seniors who have worked hard their whole lives and done well for themselves, and now they're supposed to be retiring and having a peaceful, enjoyable life, but instead we're seeing, 75-year-old, 80-year-olds, coming in here who should never have to be in those situations."

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Robin Delucia is a senior struggling to make ends meet, as her Florida retirement dreams have disappeared. She said she's been working a part-time retail job for the last eight years to keep a roof over her head. 

"It gets to the point where, at 70 years old, your body just can't continue to do the manual things that are required," said Delucia. "I went through moving in with my daughter, and I decided I had to claim bankruptcy if I was able to retire, because I just can't keep up with the bills."

Delucia said she is going to work on creating a platform where seniors can connect, potentially to offer roommate opportunities to help with housing issues. 

In the meantime, Metropolitan Ministries is asking anyone that is able to donate, to help this summer as they navigate resources with the influx of visitors. 


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