Maryland family throws surprise party for adorable 4-year-old unable to celebrate with friends

A little girl’s 4th birthday party with friends was canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak, so her family surprised with a party at home and her reaction was everything you could hope for.

Carter Evans, from Prince George’s County, recently turned 4 years old on April 1. Due to the stay-at-home order amid the coronavirus pandemic, her birthday party with friends was canceled.

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Charmaine Evans, Carter’s mother, told FOX 5 that the family wanted to do something special for her, so they decided to throw a surprise party.

In an adorable viral video shared to Twitter by Carter’s godmother, the birthday girl arrives to a burst of confetti and an ocean of balloons. She excitedly jumps and screams with joy as everyone shouts happy birthday.

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You hear Carter graciously say “thank you guys” as a sash and birthday crown are placed on her.

“I work overnight, so that morning I got off work and went to Walmart and just grabbed any birthday related items I could find,” Evans said.

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While her actual birthday was on Wednesday, Carter is extending the celebrations and is set to have a Frozen-themed birthday over the weekend with immediate family.