Must-see video: First responders, witnesses help flip submerged SUV in Florida to rescue trapped woman

A dramatic – and heroic – rescue in Florida was caught on camera as Volusia County Sheriff's deputies, firefighters, and good Samaritans helped flip an SUV that was partially submerged in a flooded ditch with the driver reportedly unconscious and trapped inside.

The Volusia Sheriff's Office shared video from one of its deputies' body-worn cameras which shows the second-by-second rescue. 

"She's unresponsive," a woman frantically tells the deputy in the video, who then walks into the ditch.


"There's somebody in there. Can we get this thing flipped or not?" the deputy asks someone off-camera.

"You guys, someone's submerged on the low side. We need some help pushing."

Seconds later, the SUV is flipped back onto its wheels and first responders began to cut the driver's side airbags to rescue the woman inside. "You guys are strong. [Explective!]" someone says in the video.

WOFL - Woman rescued from Volusia County ditch

(Photo via digital screengrab of Volusia Sheriff's Office bodycam video)

VSO said the woman's SUV overturned in a ditch – filled with about three feet of water – off Maytown Road west of Cedar Chase Road around 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday, July 5.

Officials pulled the woman out of the vehicle and to shore and began to immediately perform CPR. The woman was then transferred to Halifax Health Medical Center in Daytona Beach.


Good Samaritans, firefighters and deputies in Central Florida worked together to rescue a woman trapped in her partially submerged sUV. (Photo via digital screengrab of Volusia Sheriff's Office bodycam video)

VSO said she remains in critical condition, but "has a chance to survive thanks to this crew."