5 arrested after clogged toilet triggers chaotic brawl at Florida wing joint, police say

Five women were arrested after they allegedly intentionally clogged the toilet at a Central Florida wing joint, igniting a brawl with employees, according to the Longwood Police Department. 

Kenisha Charles, 18, Tyesha Charles, 19, Keiyanda Charles, 24, Jasmine Cline, 26, and Jahleigha Smith, 20, were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, battery and criminal mischief.

It all started shortly before 9 p.m. on Saturday at Papa Bees in Longwood. 

A supervisor told police that the bathroom toilet was stuffed with toilet paper and the group of five women might have been to blame, since they were the only customers inside the restaurant at that time, according to the arrest report. 


From left to right: Jaheigha Smith, Keiyanda Charles, Kenisha Charles, Jasmine Cline and Tyesha Charles were arrested in connection to a fight that broke out at Papa Bees Wings in Longwood. (Photo: Longwood Police Department)

An employee cleaned the bathroom, but shortly after, one of the women went back into the bathroom. An employee discovered the toilet was again stuffed in excess with toilet paper, the arrest report said. 

That's when the supervisor told the women they needed to leave the restaurant since it was near closing time, they already paid and she found out one of them had clogged the toilet, the report states. 

At this point, the women grew "irate" and they began yelling at the supervisor, who told them they needed to leave again. 

One of the women allegedly punched the supervisor in the face with a closed fist and the others joined in on the attack, punching, kicking, pulling hair and throwing items, police said. She suffered injuries including a cut behind her ear and bruises on her thigh and arm. Another employee rushed to the supervisor's aid, but one of the women slapped her, got on top of her and began to throw chairs, according to police. She suffered injuries including bruises to her eye and elbow. 

The fight was eventually broken up by several employees. 

As the women tried to flee the restaurant through the front door, they knocked chairs over, threw salt and pepper shakers and broke other items on their way out, the report said. The estimated value of broken items is about $20.

When they ran to the back, they were met by law enforcement officers who detained them, but not before they were treated by paramedics for injuries. 


Surveillance footage from the restaurant was consistent with the employees' statements to police, according to the arrest report. The women, however, said an employee pushed one of them in the chest and another employee tried to lock them inside the restaurant, the report said. They maintained they were the victims who were attacked. 

The five women were arrested and transported to the John E. Polk Correctional Facility by officers and deputies from both the Longwood Police Department and Seminole County Sheriff's Office. 

The women were all released after they each posted $1,026 bond.