Pictures show Florida alligator lunge at bald eagle who narrowly escapes

A Florida alligator almost had the lunch of a lifetime after he lunged out of a swamp attempting to munch on a bald eagle. 

Chris Holwell snapped the encounter and said he and his partner initially noticed a gator, turtle, and vulture hanging on a little island near the boardwalk at Orlando Wetlands Park. 

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Credit: Chris Holwell

But after taking a closer look, Holwell said this wasn't a vulture. 

"On closer examination, I noticed the legs were yellow on the bird indication it wasn't a vulture," said Holwell. 


He said the turtle had run into the water and the gator slipped in behind it, "launched like lightning" and launched at the Juvenile Bald Eagle. 

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Credit: Chris Holwell

The pictures show the gator's mouth wide open ready to enjoy his meal, but the eagle was quick and nearly escaped the brief encounter.