San Jose grocery store worker violently attacked; family says he can't walk or talk

Police need help finding information about a violent attack on a grocery store clerk that's left him unable to walk, talk or eat on his own.

The 37-year-old victim, Jaime Plancarte, had been in a coma for days and loved ones at first thought he would be brain dead. He was assaulted outside a FoodMaxx in San Jose on Halloween night.

He had worked at FoodMaxx for two years and during the pandemic, he left the meat department and began retrieving and wiping down carts.

Besides his job, he loved mountain biking and his family especially close to his sister, Sophia Plancarte.

“I’m the oldest so I’m like his protector,” she said. 

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On Halloween night, she couldn't protect him from a brutal assault. Around 9 p.m. in the FoodMaxx parking lot, a co-worker called 911after discovering Plancarte severely beaten.

“My mom called me at 5 in the morning telling me my brother was in the hospital and that he wasn’t going to make it. We all had to say goodbye to him,” said Sophia Plancarte.

Her brother was unrecognizable. Doctors said he suffered a traumatic brain injury and fractures to his face.

“His head was distorted,” said Sophia Plancarte. “His eyes were shut closed, puffy and purple and his mouth was bruised and swollen.”

Police don’t have much on the suspect, only that he appeared to be in his 20’s. They did release photos of three women he was with at the time.

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They were in a silver four-door car with a sunroof, tinted rear windows and a noticeable dent by the gas tank.

What strikes the family as odd is that one woman had what appears to be a duffel bag in the cart. The trio left with no groceries. Police said one woman changed her clothes in the car.

“They were up to no good before attacking my brother,” said Sophia Plancarte.

“He didn't deserve this,” said the victim’s cousin, Lydia Payer. “No one does but especially not him. He’s not the type of guy to start stuff. He’s not violent.”

His family is devastated and baffled.

"He can't speak and that’s why we want the public’s help because he can't tell us who did this to him,” said Sophia Plancarte.

The family is hoping he will be moved out of the ICU soon, vowing not to give up fighting for justice.

“We are going to find these people,” said Sophia Plancarte. “I’m not going to let this go. Every rock is going to be turned.”

FoodMaxx released a statement that said the store employees are shaken up by the attack. The company is working with police to provide video footage.

A Go Fund Me has been set up to help Jaime Plancarte.