Stocks for cruise industry saw its biggest increase after vaccine announcement

With news of a possible new vaccine, the hope among Florida leaders is that the tourism industry is making a comeback. 

When Pfizer announced Monday that their vaccine proved 90% effective in early trials, stocks soared, including tourism stocks. Florida tourism leaders are now hopeful that this means that a better tourism economy is right around the corner. 

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The tourism industry has taken a huge hit ever since the virus began. Less people are traveling, and because Florida relies heavily on those tourism dollars, Florida is eager to welcome visitors back.

Stocks for various cruise lines and airlines, hotels and even theme parks saw drastic increases Monday, making many Florida leaders hopeful. The biggest increase came from the cruise industry, which is great news for the Bay Area especially. 

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While the cruise industry has said that most cruise lines won’t resume travel until sometime next year, last week the CDC gave cruise lines the go ahead to set sail once again. They just need to prove that they are capable of keeping their crew and passengers safe. 

Theme parks, like Disney and Universal Orlando, also saw their stocks go up as well. Despite all the changes that have been put in place and all the health and safety measures being enforced, crowds aren’t returning to theme parks like expected. So news of a vaccine seems to be a step in the right direction to getting Florida’s tourism economy back to where it was before this pandemic began. 

There’s still a ways to go until things are finalized, but between the CDC’s green light to resume cruise travel and the possibility of a vaccine in the near future, Florida leaders are hopeful that this is the light at the end of the tunnel that they’ve been waiting for.