Students make sure peers don't go hungry

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What started out as a little girl helping to feed her friends has turned into an organization helping thousands.

Brooke Thomas's remarkable story is What's Right With Tampa Bay.

With the efficiency of a car assembly line, 13-year-old Brooke Thomas and her volunteers are packing food to feed thousands of hungry children.

Brooke got the idea when she was in the first grade and some of her friends couldn't afford lunch.

"I felt like I needed to help, so I decided to buy them lunches," Brooke explained.

Brooke's mom found out and helped her start the Thomas Promise Foundation.

"Been very proud of her since the beginning," Dianna Thomas, Brooke's mom said. "I love that it shows how much of a kind heart that she has."

The foundation gives food to 1,500 Pasco County students so they can have food for the weekend.

"In the bags, we like to add spaghetti, mac and cheese, ravioli, roman noodles, things that kids like to eat," Amanda Morris Keith, a volunteer said.

The bags are filled with enough food for two breakfast, two lunches, two dinners, plus snacks and drinks.

"It just makes me happy to know that people are eating and that I am helping them" Brooke said.

Touching thousands of lives with love and compassion.

Thomas Promise Foundation is in 24 schools in Pasco County and all donations are from the community. They have a Hunger walk next month.