The nation's largest inflatable park can be found in Sarasota

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Call it an extreme bounce house, inflatable fun, whatever you want -- it's now open in Sarasota.

Jumpin Fun Inflata Park has billed itself as the largest inflatable theme park in the country. Inside a building at Lakewood Ranch Corporate Park, you will find 15,000 square feet of "inflatable fun," with more than dozen different games and play areas. 

For instance, there is the Air Rider, which is a 250-foot long zip line above the massive indoor theme park. 

There is also a Battle Beam, where you use inflated weapons while balancing on an inflated beam to take on your opponent. The losing partner will fall onto a stunt bag located 12 feet below the beam.

"The idea is to knock your opponent off," explained Brett Morrow, the owner. "It's jousting at its finest."

In addition, there are other play areas, including three-lane ninja wall, a giant slide, a 100-foot long obstacle course and even a dodgeball arena. 

Morrow said the purpose of the inflated theme park is to offer an adventure.

"Rather than an open playground," he explained. 

All 15,000 square feet of the theme park are connected. If there is a small hole, Morrow said, it won't be detrimental. When the theme park is closed, they deflate it. When it's time to open, it just takes five minutes to inflate. 

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