Trail of destruction left in parking garage

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Some tenants are reeling after more than a dozen cars were smashed in their downtown parking garage.
Eighteen cars in total were damaged when Orlando Police said one driver crashed into all of them while driving through the parking garage at the Lofts at SoDo on West Grant Street.  Many of their unlucky owners were in for a surprise after a long holiday weekend.

Elaina Wegelin said it was around 4am Labor Day when the sound of screeching tires woke her up. "We heard screeching, going around the corner, it sounded like he was drifting. And then all the sudden we hea rd 'bang!' it was crazy," Wegelin added. It wasn't just the one "bang" though, Wegelin said, "It sounded like he was going around every single floor, because he hit cars on every single floor."  Including her car, which Wegelin found in rough shape, sporting a large dent by the rear left tire, left by a Yukon that was hit and pushed into her spot.

Orlando Police said Wegelin's is one of 18 cars left with minor to severe damage after Korey Steinert, 22, smashed into all of them early Monday morning. Some of the cars were still sandwiched together in the garage Tuesday. Police said Steinert was behind the wheel of a gray Nissan truck when he went on a rampage through the SoDo Lofts parking complex, crashing into parked vehicles on every floor, and even chasing a man who was parking his car. Police said Steinert then rammed into the third-floor security gate several times before jumping out of his truck and running to his apartment inside the Lofts.

FOX35 has learned Steinert is a firefighter with the Orlando Fire Department.  He was arrested in his home for leaving the scene of a crash with damages.  Steinert posted a $500 bond shortly after his arrest Monday. Orlando Police said the final report in this case won't be ready for a few days, so right now it's not clear whether drugs or alcohol played a role.  A spokeswoman for the Orlando Fire Department said it is launching an internal investigation in this case.