USA Mullet Championships: Wisconsin teen, boy win first prize in separate divisions

The votes are in and America has at least two winners in the USA Mullet Championship.

Winners were announced in the teens and kids division Sunday. 

Emmitt Bailey from Menomonie, Wisconsin took home the prize in the kids division while Cayden Kershaw from Wausau, Wisconsin, took home the top prize in the teen division.

"I think it's cool. I really do. Some of the coolest people in the world, athletes and rock stars, they have mullets, so I mean, it's pretty cool," said Emmitt's father Eric Bailey previously told FOX 9.

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Titles for second and third places were also announced. 

The USA Mullet Championship has grown from a local Michigan competition in 2020 to a national event among all states.

The championship is divided into several categories: men’s, "femullets" (female mullets), teens and a kids division.

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The men’s division mullet championship is open for submissions. If more than 500 applications are received, there will be an elimination round offline prior to the first round vote on Facebook which will begin Sept. 12-14. There will then be a second round vote, also on Facebook, of the top 100 mullets between Sept. 19-21 and then a third and final round vote of the top 25 mullet submissions with a date still undetermined.

The first prize winner will receive the Mullet Mega Money Pot of $2,500 and the second and third prizes will consist of Mullet Champs Gift Sets, according to the championship website.

"Long before it was popularized by actors and rock stars in the 1980’s, the Mullet has been traced back to warriors in Ancient Greece. Today mullet style and mullet culture is back, bro’, and in a big way. Think you’ve got what it takes to ride the wave to Mullet Fame? Enter today and find out," the website reads.

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2022 Teens Mullet Championship finalist Samuel. (USA Mullet Championships)

Register before August 31 at and may the best mullet win.

There will also be a host of in-person live competitions in different locations across the U.S. for mullet fans to "show their flow." Click here for more information.

Catherine Stoddard contributed to this report. This story was reported from Los Angeles.