Walt Disney World is getting rid of Genie Plus: New rules and how to skip lines

Walt Disney World is making some changes to how you access attractions. 

The theme park's Genie+ service is out – but that doesn't mean you'll have to wait in long lines to visit popular attractions. Guests can still buy a pass that allows them to skip the standby line and join a shorter line, but the way to buy the pass – and what the pass has to offer – has changed. 

These changes go into effect July 24. 

Here's what these changes mean for Disney-goers:

What is Genie+? 

Genie+ is a ticket add-on that guests can buy on the day they plan to visit a Walt Disney World park. It allows guests to return to an attraction at a scheduled time instead of waiting in line. 

To use Genie+ for a Disney park trip, guests must wait until 7 a.m. on the day they plan to visit to sign up. 

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What's a Lightning Lane?

If you purchase the Genie+ service, you'd be directed to the Lightning Lane when you visit the attraction of your choice at your scheduled time. The Lightning Lane is the name of the line you'd stand in to wait for the ride. 

"It's like the passing lane on a highway...you'll zip on by the stand-by queue, typically with a shorter wait time," Disney said. 

There's a checkpoint to scan in before getting into the queue. 

Not all attractions offer a Lightning Lane. 

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Disney makes changes to Lightning Lane entry starting July 24

On Tuesday, Disney Parks announced that Genie+ will now be Lightning Lane Multi Pass, and an individual Lightning Lane entry will become the Lightning Lane Single Pass. 

The theme park said it decided to make these changes because of guests' feedback about planning their trips before their scheduled visit to a Disney park. Essentially, these new changes were designed to help Disney-goers plan ahead, rather than waiting until 7 a.m. on the day of their visit to request a faster queuing experience. They also made the names of the service easier to understand. 

"We deeply value the trust families place in Disney to create lasting memories and that is why we are dedicated to making updates that improve and simplify their experience," Disney Parks said in a news release. 

Disney's latest changes to make it easier to plan ahead. (Photo: Disney Parks)

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What's new?

Here's a look at the new changes in a nutshell:

  • Guests can make Lightning Lane plans before they arrive at the theme park on their scheduled visit
  • Guests can choose what attractions and what time they'd like to return to the attraction before they buy
  • Guests can secure their Lightning Lane passes for multiple vacation days at one time

The My Disney Experience app will also be updated to make it easier for guests to buy a Lightning Lane pass. There will be fewer steps needed to purchase, plus a new option to buy a Single Pass or Multi Lane pass in one go.

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When can I buy a Lightning Lane pass for my Disney visit?

If you're staying at a Disney Resort hotel – or another select hotel approved by Disney – you can buy Lightning Lane passes up to a week in advance for your entire stay, as long as that stay is 14 days or less. All other guests have a three-day window to purchase their Lightning Lane passes. 

"These advance purchase windows will let guests secure some of their must-do rides and experiences after they’ve had some time to decide what dining reservations they want to book and any other plans they may need to consider," Disney Parks said in a news release. 

It should be noted that Lightning Lane passes are nonrefundable and nontransferable. 

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Difference between Single Pass and Multi Pass

Guests can purchase either a Lightning Lane Multi Pass or a Lightning Lane Single Pass – or both. 

Disney explains the difference between a Lightning Lane Single Pass and a Lightning Lane Multi Pass. (Photo: Disney Parks)

Here's what they offer:

Lightning Lane Multi Pass

With a Lightning Lane Multi Pass, Disney-goers can choose up to three attractions to use the pass at and at what time. This can all be selected before your scheduled park day. 

Once you use a Lightning Lane Multi Pass, you can check the My Disney Experience app to make any additional selections on the day of your visit. It's an added bonus for parkgoers who want to use an extra Lightning Lane pass if available. 

Lightning Lane Single Pass

A Lightning Lane Single Pass is what Disney-goers are used to now – choosing a time to ride an attraction of your choice. With the new changes, though, you can decide what attraction you want to visit and when before you plan to visit the park. 

You can buy up to two single passes per day. 

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How much is a Disney Lightning Lane pass?

The price of a Lightning Lane Multi Pass depends on what day you're going to Disney and what theme park you're visiting. 

The price of a Lightning Lane Single Pass varies by date, but also depends on the attraction you plan on experiencing. 

You can check the prices of Lightning Lane passes starting July 24 in the My Disney Experience app. 

Click here for more information about Lightning Lane passes.