Watch: Bear cub in Northern Minnesota being a 'twerp,' attacks trail camera

A bear cub in Northern Minnesota is getting called out by researchers for being a "twerp."

The Voyageurs Wolf Project on Friday shared video on social media from one of its trail cameras in the Voyageurs National Park area in Northern Minnesota, which featured a bear cub bugging its mom and then attacking the trail camera. 

"This bear cub was being a little twerp…he was even driving his mom nuts! Once she laid down the law, the little punk, who was clearly distraught from his mother’s reprimand, decided it was time to let out his pent-up frustration on our camera," the Voyageurs Wolf Project said on social media. 

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The Voyageurs Wolf Project is a research project through the University of Minnesota aimed at furthering understanding of wolf behavior, specifically how wolves spend their summer.