Former Bucs receiver trains NFL's new generation of players

Yo Murphy is the only football player in history to have played in four different professional football leagues. Following his 14-year career in professional football, he's found a way to continue contributing to the sport

The former Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1999 receiver has become "the go-to guy" for the NFL's new generation of players.

Murphy is driven by a tireless passion to help athletes reach their full potential. For 16 years, from sun up to sun down, he pushes, mentors and guides some of the most elite athletes in the country. He's made it his business, partnering with former NFL player Brandon Marshall to create one of the top training programs in the country called House of Athlete.

"I knew when we started this that I wanted to do something great," said Murphy. "I wanted to have impact. That was my goal. Whatever direction we went. We were going to have impact. Period."

Murphy is making a difference, training not only Tampa Bay's local pro's, but players from around the country, which includes Heisman Trophy winner DeVonta Smith, New England Patriot quarterback Mac Jones and San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel. 

"Some guys you have to jump at them," said Murphy. "You have to let them know it's serious. I talked to a guy today. It's a collaboration. It's me and you. If my energy and effort isn't matched by his. There is now reason for us to be here together. Guys appreciate that. They want to know that you're in it with them. It's not I may not pop in because I went out that night. We are in this together, or we won't be together long."

Some of Murphy's guys have been training with him since middle school, and he's been a huge part of their development. This year, he has seen his largest group attain their NFL dreams, and it makes Murphy swell with pride like a proud parent.

"I mean I've had some conversations," said Murphy. "I get goose bumps. Some of the dads I've talked to and being a parent myself. I'm getting a little teary. You got me with that one. I know what they are going through. It's more than I can say."

The athletes that come to Tampa also get some Hall of Fame training. Randy Moss and Warren Sapp routinely come to town to share the experience and knowledge. It's part of Murphy's maximizing philosophy.

"You put hard stuff in front of them, and the great ones grow," said Murphy. "It's not that they may fail, but at the end of it they're going to grow, and we've had the opportunity to have a lot of great ones."