Ants can smell cancer + 'polar vortex' on the Sun

Dave O the Science Pro discusses two topics that are peaking his interest. First up, an unprecedented, enormous polar vortex on the Sun has scientists baffled. Later on, he discusses how ants are sniffing for cancer, according to a study.

Earth's inner core may have temporarily stopped turning, could reverse

New research is suggesting that the rotation of Earth's inner core may have paused and it could even go into reverse. Every 7 decades the inner core slows down and reverses. The only thing scientists don't know is how it could impact any minute impact, such as the length of our day or the magnetism of our planet.

Dave O the Science Pro: Iguanas and comets

In this Dave O the Science Pro segment, the FOX 13 meteorologist discusses why those falling iguana alerts on cold days could vanish from South Florida. Plus, a comet may be visible to the naked eye as it passes Earth.

What is nuclear fusion?

Scientists recently announced a major breakthrough in the way energy could be created in the future. It's called nuclear fusion, and scientists claim they can create an energy that replicates the force that powers the sun.

White House: Blocking the sun could stop climate change – but how can it be done?

Recently, the White House announced it was funding a 5-year research plan on how to artificially modify the Earth’s climate. One idea is to find a way to block out the sun by spraying aerosols into the stratosphere to reflect sunlight, just like a volcano would do if it erupted violently. The United Nations recognized the potential of this, but critics said there could be a problem with experimenting with it.

Global population to hit 8 billion

The population on Earth will officially hit eight billion people. The United States said the figure meant one billion people have been added to the global population in about 12 years. So what does that mean for the planet?

Venomous puss caterpillar sightings across Florida

These caterpillars are only about an inch long. But hidden under their fluffy-looking hair are stiff spines attached to poison glands. When touched, the spines break off in the skin and cause severe pain. They have been spotted in Central Florida.

How to practice lightning safety while outside

What do you do if you’re outside when a storm rolls in? FOX 13’s meteorologist Dave Osterberg offers best practices in different scenarios, such as if you’re on a boat, in an area where there was no shelter, and how long people should wait after a storm to go outside.

Lightning safety while indoors: Can you shower during a storm?

FOX 13’s Meteorologist Dave Osterberg dives into some of the more common questions when it comes to understanding lightning and how to remain safe while indoors. This includes using a lightning rod, if metal roofs are safe, and if you can you run water while at home.

Lightning safety: Why standing under trees during a storm is dangerous

Three people recently died when a bolt of lightning struck in a park near the White House. A fourth person was critically injured. Weather officials said it had been nearly 20 years since three people were killed by a single lightning bolt, but like this time and in 2004, victims had gathered under a tree for shelter.

Giant African land snail found in Pasco County

The Giant African land snail that officials said was eradicated from Florida last year was found in New Port Richey. They are considered to be one of the most damaging snails in the world. They are an invasive species that are a threat to plants, homes, and people's health.