'A return to real food': Kara Lynn's Kitchen

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Whether you have allergies, dietary needs or just want to begin eating healthy, Kara Lynn's Kitchen is a great option. 

Located at 421 Cleveland Street, Kara Lynn's Kitchen features a grain- and gluten-free kitchen that focuses on creating high nutrient, non-toxic food. Owner Kara Lynn says they are all about non-GMO's, organic Clean 15, no refined sugars, and grass-fed, pastured, free-range, wild caught meats and seafood.

Lynn said their food is without preservatives and "All the little things people like to add to it. All of those names you can't really spell or pronounce. " 

The restaurant offers different meals, pastries and desserts everyday on top of their Good2Go meal prepping program. 

"You can just try it for a week. Sign up and just pick out two to three meals or I make up to 14 a week. Pick up is on Tuesday and Friday," said Kara Lynn. 

As she likes to say, Kara Lynn's Kitchen is "return to real food."