Most common types of cancer in men

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. According to the American Cancer Society, it's the second-most common cancer in American men, after skin cancer.

Tampa Bay real estate pace has slowed since April – but market is still hot

Stephen Gay, a local real estate agent, said once the federal government began increasing the interest rate, the pace at which people were buying homes slowed down in the Bay Area. However, the market is still busy. He said before April, sellers could 'throw any price out there' now with a little more supply, buyers can be more savvy.

Tampa man hopes to win USA Mullet Championship

Anchor Brant, a senior at University of South Florida, is hoping to win the $2,500 top prize for having the best mullet in America -- and pay off some of that tuition. “Hopefully, there’s a lot of kids out there that I’m inspiring right now to just say, ‘Why not?' and start growing it out. It looks great right now," he said before flipping his golden locks.

Dog park safety tips

Dog parks provide a place where our pets can run, play and interact with other furry friends -- but there are some important signs to look out for to keep your pup safe. Dr. Meaghan Callahan, medical director at Veterinary Emergency Group in Tampa, offers some tips, including paying attention to other dogs and how to avoid overtiring your dog.

Baby dolphin rescued from Clearwater Beach to call SeaWorld home

The young dolphin that was found tangled in a crab trap on Clearwater Beach is now doing well. It first arrived at SeaWorld in critical condition, making the first 24 hours vital for its survival. However, without a pod or a mother, it would be dangerous to return it to the wild. So, it will live out its days at the Orlando park, where a dolphin nursery is located.

Getting into a fall fitness routine

Ann Gilbert of Shapes Fitness for Women teaches how to keep your routine going through the fall -- and it doesn't all include working out. It also involves what you put into your body. Being physical reduces mortality for several diseases, including diabetes and heart disease, she explains.

Common dog training mistakes

Amy Weeks with Amy's Canine Kindergarten discusses how you can modify some of the dog training techniques that owners may use that are now outdated.