12-year-old Florida student accused of bringing 3 guns to school

Deputies in north Florida arrested a 12-year-old student who they say brought three guns to school on Thursday.

Action News Jax reports that a teacher spotted the boy carrying two lunch boxes that appeared to be heavier than they should be, according to an arrest report.

Nassau County Sheriff's Office deputies found two firearms inside the lunch boxes. The student reportedly told investigators he brought them to show the principal.

While the boy was being supervised by a deputy in another room, it was discovered that he had a third gun on him, which the deputy secured.

The boy's mom told investigators her son had recently "accidentally killed" their family dog with a pellet rifle after he was left unsupervised.

According to Action News Jax, when deputies asked the mother how her son was able to access the guns, she said she'd previously unlocked their gun safe and thought she had locked it.

When investigators searched the 12-year-old's desk, they found a drawing of a man with guns outside of a school, surrounded by dead bodies covered in red marker.

The student was arrested and has been charged with possessing or discharging firearms on school property.