35 arrested in Sarasota drug bust

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The North Trail of U.S 41 has a history of drug deals and crime. Deputies made a bust that could bring that activity down - arresting 35 in a bust 5-months in the making.

At Regency Inn and Suites, owner Jay Patel has seen it all, from prostitutes to drug deals. He has even captured the moments as they have unfolded.

"This is a major thorough way to the beautiful part of Sarasota, this could be beautiful. It just needs a small step foreword," Patel said.

He could be on the front lines of that change. For the past 5 months, Sarasota police have targeted spots across the city. They arrested dealers who sold cocaine, heroine and everything else.

35 people were arrested during the Sarasota Police Department's Operation Fresh Start. Patel said he recognizes a few of the faces.

"About six to seven people on the board that I have seen here," he said, looking at the mug shots.

Patel has noticed a big difference in the area since the arrests. He said there is a lot of work that needs to be done and is hopeful Sarasota Police will keep up the hard work.

"This is the first year I have seen where there is less activity on the trail. The negative activity," said Patel.

Combined, those arrested have more than 327 prior felony convictions. Sarasota police said the community did its part to help, speaking out when needed.

"They have real concerns about their safety, their neighborhoods, they want to live and raise their families and work in peace. It's a beautiful city and they deserve it," said Captain Corinne Stannish.

Sarasota police will keep their eyes open. They know it is a never-ending battle against dealers and they plan to stop it as much as they can.

"Till the end of time, we are going to keep going after these drugs dealers, after these violent people, and we are not going to give up," said Stannish.

In addition to the 35 arrests, Sarasota Police Officers are still searching for Glenford Bryan and Cordarryl Rogers. If you see either of these men, Sarasota Police ask you call 911.