Gas prices climb in Florida as Ida's effects linger

Gas prices across Florida jumped an average of 10 cents a gallon in the past week following reports that energy infrastructure across the Gulf of Mexico is recovering slower than expected from Hurricane Ida, according to the auto club AAA. 

Midday update: FBI on scene at Laundrie home

The search for Brian Laundrie has moved from a swampy Sarasota preserve back to the home he shares with his family. FBI agents are now searching the home and apparently speaking with his parents.

Tampa family says it was fate that led to video of Gabby Petito’s possible van

The Bethunes, who live in the Tampa area, say they spotted what is believed to be Gabby Petito's camper on August 27. On Sunday, they submitted their video to the FBI -- which also happens to be the birthday of their son, Ethan, who died in 2011. ‘He would’ve turned 17, and I fully believe that Ethan had a hand in bringing Gabby home for sure.’

Full interview: Woman who spotted Gabby Petito's likely van

On August 27, the Bethune family was trying to find a spot to camp for the night when they found themselves in the Spread Creek camping area near Grand Teton National Park, where remains were found Sunday matching Gabby's description. Jenn Bethune said the van they passed by appears to be the converted camper van that Petito and her fiancé – and person of interest --Brian Laundrie, were using to travel.

Recycling electronics for a good cause

Tony Selvaggio he has 19 employees and many of them go over old computers and save parts that are still good. They also shred hard drives to destroy personal data, but that’s just part of what Selvaggio says is important.