4 kidnapped siblings from Michigan recovered in Florida by US Marshals

Four Michigan children were recovered in Florida after a kidnapping by their father, US Marshals announced on Friday.

The children ranged in age from 3 years old to 10, were abducted in April from Saginaw County by their fatherJoses Braxton, a longhaul truck driver. They were recovered on Thursday, law enforcement officials said.

Braxton, a noncustodial parent, was wanted on a felony of parental kidnapping leading the U.S. Marshals in the Eastern District of Michigan to team with the USMS Florida Regional Task Force.

Officials said in September 2021, Braxton had also taken three other children he had fathered with a different mother.

On Thursday, investigators developed information that Braxton was in the 100 block of North Congress Avenue
in Riviera Beach, Florida

Members of the Florida Regional Fugitive Task Force observed Braxton exiting a Walmart near that location and took him into custody. All four missing children were found in the cab of Braxton’s semi-truck in the parking lot.

"The Marshals Service is dedicated to helping recover critically missing and endangered children," said U.S.
Marshal Owen Cypher. "I’m especially proud of the dedication and tenacity displayed by our investigators, as well as the speed at which they acted to ensure the safe recovery of these kids."

Once the children were safely recovered, the USMS coordinated with the MSP Missing Child Clearing House to arrange for Child Protective Custody to take temporary custody of the children pending re-unification.