4-year-old boy begins third recovery from brain surgery

"Through this whole thing he's happy and he smiles, you would never know he's going through all of this."

4-year-old Jacob Vincent's mother is hopeful her son will pull through.

It is, after all, his third brain surgery.

Jacob's medical ordeal began when doctors believed he had reflux. Then, he started having seizures.

It turned out, the 4-year-old had a tumor the size of a golf ball in his brain.

Doctors removed the mass, but about six weeks ago, Jacob's mother said she found him unresponsive in his bedroom.

At the hospital, doctors said he needed a second and third surgery on his brain.

This time around, Jacob's doctors found another mass, about an inch long.

They hope they've pinpointed the source of the seizures.

In the meantime, Jacob and his family might have to spend the holidays in Arnold Palmer's Children hospital, but they save it's become their second home.