99-year-old usher a legend at Steinbrenner Field

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Vinny Costanza has been a longtime fixture at his favorite team's spring home - Steinbrenner Field in Tampa.

He's lived 99 years and has been a Yankees fan since the beginning.

"I've been a Yankee since I was a baby," joked Costanza. "I've been here for Lord knows how long. I don't remember."

And for many of those years, he's been an usher at Steinbrenner. Costanza has become somewhat of a legend at the former Legends Field.

"I love the people. Guys have been coming here forever," said Costanza.

Long before serving fans and his team, Vinny proudly served his country.

"I was in World War II. It was called Air Corps," said Costanza.

He also mingled with Yankee veterans over the years.

"I knew Mickey Mantle. I talked to Roger Maris," said Costanza.

He sees the Yankees as family.

"I'm a Yankee fan. I love them," said Costanza.