About 100 homes evacuated in North Carolina due to wildfire

Some families were forced from their homes in Clay County, North Carolina where one over more than a dozen wildfires is burning.

About 100 homes were evacuated in the Hayesville, North Carolina area as firefighters battle what they are calling the Boteler fire. Firefighters said one abandoned building was destroyed by the blaze and they are working hard to keep that number down.

"This team has management responsibilities for 17 fires that comprehends the Tusquitee Ranger District and the Nantahala Ranger District on the national forest," said Stephen Weaver, U.S. Forest Service.

The U.S. Forest Service said there are 18 separate fires covering about 240 square miles from South Carolina toward Georgia and north into North Carolina along with the Georgia fires.

Firefighters and logistical support are keeping close tabs on the fires which are not particularly easy to fight.

“And so on these fires, what we have is a continual leaf fall and it will be like you sitting at a campfire and flipping cards into the fire to keep it going. And so, we have a lot of reburn potential,” said Weaver. “We also have to then dedicate people every day to have to go on those control lines on the areas we are patrolling.”

Those evacuated from their homes may be able to return as early as Thursday, if the weather cooperates. Wednesday, it was a bit windy in addition to the already dry conditions.