Adorable video shows excited toddler greeting big sister at school bus

This brother-sister duo hugging each other after school will melt your heart.

Like many siblings, Logan Chadwick, 2, and Lyric Chadwick, 5, have an undeniably close bond. The pair will spend hours on hours playing together.

Lyric recently started kindergarten, and it has been an adjustment for Logan who is used to being with her all day, so when the time rolls around to pick up Lyric from the school bus stop, the 2-year-old can barely contain himself.

Every day, Logan will patiently wait with his mom for Lyric to arrive from school. As soon as he sees the bus pull up, he gets all giddy and the moment he lays eyes on his sister he opens up his tiny arms ready to hug her. Lyric, who runs to her little brother, embraces him and lifts her pint-sized bestie into the air.

Tonique Chadwick, their mother, told FOX 5, "He misses her all day while she's at school, they embrace like they haven't seen each other in years, and then he drives her crazy as soon as they step in the house!"

Typical siblings, one moment they're happy to see each other and the next they're getting on each other's last nerves.