Austin couple declared oldest living married couple in the world by Guinness World Records

More than 80 years ago, John and Charlotte Henderson met as students at the University of Texas and both say they would've never imagined they'd be a world record holding couple. 

Guinness World Records recently declared that the Hendersons are the oldest living married couple by aggregate age in the world

With a combined age of 211 (John is 106 and Charlotte is 105) the two will also be celebrating 80 years of marriage on December 15.

John says the couple met in 1934 in a zoology class at UT. He says it was a tiered lecture hall and they were seated alphabetically so he sat behind the then Charlotte Curtis. He was able to look over her shoulder and the two got acquainted.


When asked what they saw in each other back then, John said it was all of Charlotte's traits that he loved.


Charlotte said that John was (and still is) an all around good man.

Five years later the two were married during the Great Depression and they remember spending just $7 on their hotel room during their honeymoon. 

The two worked in the Houston area for many years. They both were school teachers for a time before Charlotte stopped teaching and John got a job with an oil refining company.


About 10 years ago, John and Charlotte decided to move back to Austin and settled in at Longhorn Village senior living community. 

Being one half of the oldest married couple in the world isn't the only title John holds. He's also the oldest living former UT football player! John was a freshman in 1932 and was a guard for the team. He says they still have their season tickets and he's attended at least one Longhorn football game each year for the past 84 years!


So of course the question is what is the secret to a long and happy marriage?

John says it's not overdoing anything and living in moderation. "Take every day in stride. Try to make tomorrow a better day than today. Be grateful for what you're given and make the best of it."


Charlotte agrees and says, "Be thoughtful and take care of each other. Love each other and stay that way."


The couple still have lunch and dinner together each day and John says he exercises daily as well.

They say they're both just so grateful and appreciative for each other and the record.