Bartow golfer hits hole-in-one on 100th birthday

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Herbert Dixon just celebrated his 100th birthday. His keys to a long life: No smoking, no drinking, and church on Sunday. 

He also keeps stress at an arm's length.

"I just live day-by-day," he told FOX 13. I don't worry about what tomorrow is going to bring."

Then there's golf. He has been playing golf every day for decades. Sometimes he gets in two rounds in one day.

His love for golf started early. He became a caddy at 14 and was allowed to play one day a week on Caddy's Day.

Other African Americans were banned from playing for years because of segregation. Eventually, when social rules changed, Dixon began to make a name for himself. He eventually made it into the African American Golfers Hall of Fame.

"During that time, I won 50 tournaments," Dixon told FOX 13.

Even at his advanced age, he continues to amaze, hitting two holes-in-one just this month.

"He made one on his birthday," said Chris Banks, manager of the Bartow Golf Course.

Dixon called it "icing on the cake."

He says he will play golf as long as he is healthy. Next year, Bartow plans a fundraising golf tournament to mark Dixon's 101stbirthday, with the money raised going to youth scholarships.