Bay Area biker group gives computers to children who need them

When these bikers get together they do more than just ride. They're part of a group called Bikers Cap. 

They refurbish computers and them to kids who need them. They have also created five labs.

"To be able to help make that happen is just great," said Bikers Cap member William Santiago. 

Maureen Trace runs a student camp for children and says the need for computers is great.  

"This is awesome," Maureen said. "When I heard about this. I had to reach out. I think it is fantastic what they are doing." 

William Santiago got involved with the group 2 years ago. He was donating his old computers and realized that he could do more. 

"To be able to use it here and volunteer time able to do something that I enjoy and still help others," he said. 

Member Mystic Thompson knows the group's generosity first-hand. 

"When I first moved to Tampa Bay area about 12 years ago and my son who is a special needs child needed something to help him through school and Greg was right there," Thompson said.

In 11 years, they have given out more than 200 computers. 

"What a need there is for these devices for so many families," said Traci. 

"Service work is part of my make-up and I'm proud to be a part of the organization," said Thompson. 

It's a labor of love that these bikers are so proud of. To learn more about Bikers Cap, head over to their website or Facebook page