Bay Area marks Sept. 11th with good deeds

Groups of good-deed-doers spread out across the Bay Area on the Sept. 11 anniversary to say thanks to first responders.

Michael Rivera of the Vineyard Church of St. Petersburg dropped off cookies to more than 30 departments on Friday.

"(First responders) are appreciated," he said. "People are out there thinking about them."

In Palm Harbor, the Arden Courts Assisted living facility said their own "thanks-yous" to 26 police and fire departments.

"I often have family members tell me the firefighters will come out and help someone get their husband off the floor when they can't, with a smile on their face," said Maryanne Fisher, of Arden Courts. "They are really good to the seniors, and that's who I want to care of."

The lunch they brought came with a child's drawing, which broke down the community's debt into the simplest terms.

"Thank you for sacrificing your lives," it read.

"It shows that our community is still feeling that day like we all do," said Palm Harbor Lt. Bill Fisher. "They are coming in to show support and how much they care for their firefighters, and that's what makes this job great."

On Bayshore Blvd., good deeds were done differently

William Diamond of the American Legion and veteran Elena Coates observed moments of silence at the foot of a steel beam that came from the World Trade Center.

"They have earned being remembered every day," said Diamond. "Not just on September 11."

While they were there, Lt. Col. Ken Ates stopped by to thank them, for thanking him.

"It is an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the people who appreciate what I do for them."