Coffee company expands to Tampa, pledges future return to Ybor City

A coffee company born in Ybor City can now be found in stores across the country.

The family owned and operated Naviera Coffee Mills has become so successful, the company moved operations to a larger facility in West Tampa.

Danny Fernandez is a fourth-generation operator of the coffee company.

He said it was difficult but necessary to move production from Ybor City to West Tampa.

“What we can produce, in this facility, in a day, would take us six days at our old facility," said Fernandez.

Now the company can supply coffee to more vendors, like national grocery stores and local restaurants.

Although the business is growing rapidly, Fernandez said they are hoping to return to their Ybor City roots soon.

“I will turn my attention the end of this year and the coming year to do something in our old facility. Ybor has been great to us and we'll never leave,” said Fernandez.