Community with massive crystal lagoon coming to Wesley Chapel

A new community in Pasco County that hasn’t even been built yet is getting a lot of attention, and it has nothing to do with the houses themselves.

The Epperson community, a 2,000 unit planned development in Wesley Chapel, has contracted Crystal Lagoons to build them a giant lagoon as part of the community.

“People are going to be able to see beautiful crystal clear blue water and enjoy beach life right here in Pasco County,” said Uri Man, CEO of Crystal Lagoons U.S. Corp.

The company itself has 600 projects worldwide across 60 countries involving these larger-than-life pools. However, none have opened in the U.S. yet. That changes with this eight acre lagoon.

Metro Development Group, the company behind the actual community development, expects the lagoon to be a game changer. “When you see one in person, you see the clarity of the water, you see that wow factor, it’s going to be disruptive to the master planned community world in my opinion,” the company president said.

With an average depth of eight feet and a width of 2000 feet, the lagoon will take a couple months to fill using water bought from the county. However, despite its mammoth size, the pool uses environmentally sustainable technology. In fact, it will use 30 times less water than an 18-hole golf course, and less than 50% of the water used in a park of the same size.

In addition, while conventional swimming pools use a lot of chemicals and chlorine, the crystal lagoon uses less than one percent of the chemicals and less than two percent of the energy required for those pools.

The lagoon can be used for a number of things, from traditional swimming and snorkeling, to sailing and kayaking. Developers even see the potential to host triathlons, weddings, and more once completed.

If you’re wondering, how much would it cost to live beside a lagoon 30 times the size of an Olympic pool? Metro Development says homes will start in the mid-200s.

Metro Development says the lagoon and some of the houses will be completed as early as later this fall.

They also have plans for three other communities in west central Florida that will feature similar-sized pools. Crystal Lagoon itself is working on planning an developing 14 other lagoons across Florida, Texas, and Nevada.