Deputies warn of 'package pending' text scam containing recipient's name, potentially dangerous link

Law enforcement officials are warning about a new "package pending" text message scam that aims to steal your information and identity.

The texts contain the recipient's name and direct's the individual to click on a potentially dangerous link.

text message scam

The Orange County Sheriff's Department posted on Facebook warning residents of the new phishing scam, aka “smishing” where cybercriminals send SMS messages to get you to click a malicious link or provide personal data.

"In this case, they're actually using your first name so somewhere along the line they got your information," said Sgt. Dennis Breckner with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

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Based on the information they obtain, cybercriminals can steal your identity, empty your bank account, or install malware on your phone, the department warned. 

"If you inadvertently click it and you don't mean to, immediately disregard it," said Sgt. Breckner. 

Law enforcement officials said that you should ignore the message and refrain from clicking on any suspicious links. They also said not to provide any information that helps the scammer personally identify you. You can also block the number the text came from, the department advised.

OCSD asked the public to share this information with elderly family members or neighbors, who can be more susceptible to this type of crime.

Police in Richland, Washington also posted about the scam warning residents not to click the link.

FOX 11's Marla Tellez contributed to this report.