Dunedin's golf cart culture getting boost thanks to expanded road access

Golf carts are a way of life in Dunedin and the people there wouldn’t have it any other way.

Some of them are even ditching their cars and buying golf carts. Soon, you’re likely to see even more on the streets.

People drive around to see each other. Everybody waves.

Mike Broderick makes a living running a golf cart dealership and says he often sees families selling their second car and buying a cart.

The only problem, currently, is residents are not allowed to drive them everywhere they can drive cars.

“I’ve had people come in that want to buy golf carts, but they’ve been in areas they couldn’t access downtown,” Broderick said.

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Currently, you can only drive your golf cart around 50% of the city. That’s about to change. The town has an ordinance that would raise that to right under 100%. The proposal has a lot of support.

City leaders say there are some safety kinks to work through with state and county roads but most of the town is already parking-equipped.

Convenience, economics, and more waves and smiles give golf carts their highest value.