Elderly couple's Christmas lights stolen

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A local elderly couple in Dover had their holiday light display stolen from their yard on Saturday. Now, they are trying to get them back.  

Olga Knight and her husband are in their late-70s. They live on a quiet road in Dover, and put their hearts and souls into decorating for Christmas each year. 

But at 77, they can't string lights like they used to. So, they invested in the "Star Shower" light display, which shoots colorful, festive beams onto their house.  

They just put the light display up Saturday night-- but the next day, they were gone. 

Olga says she cannot believe someone would do this, especially during the holidays. 

"You know, people just don't understand when they do things like that -- they don't know what they do to the heart. It's not just the lights; it's the joy that the lights gave us," Olga told FOX 13.

 And she wants the lights back. She made a sign and put it out by her mailbox so that passing cars can see it. 

The two stolen lights cost about $120, which isn't cheap for a couple on a fixed income. 

Olga just wants her lights back-- no questions asked.