Elementary school students create 3D crosswalk to get drivers to stop

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A new crosswalk in one Massachusetts town has drivers hitting the brakes.

The 3D optical illusion is meant to trick drivers into thinking there's a speed bump in the road.

Two students at Brook Elementary in Medford came up with the idea.

"We were thinking of a way we could do something to help make our street safer," said 10-year-old Isa, one of the students who helped come up with the crosswalk. 

Isa said she and her friend Eric had a goal of getting drivers to slow down when driving past stop signs and schools.

"When you're walking across you can tell that it's painted," Isa said. "But what we hope is when you're driving down, you'll see it as, like 3D, three dimensional. So it looks real."

Teacher Mike Coates said the fourth graders were persistent with their idea, ultimately helping it come to fruition.

"This is a great example of them sticking to an idea. And going through all the steps and talking, in this case, to all the adults and the powers that be," Coates said. "I think it's great. It certainly would make me stop."

City officials said they plan to add more of the 3D crosswalks to elementary schools by this summer.

FOX 13 reported on this story from Tampa.