Elvis is in the building at Sarasota's Waffle Stop

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Once you step inside the Waffle Stop in Sarasota, owner Dolly Hollinger takes you back to the 1950s - when Elvis ruled the airwaves.

"What is there not to love about Elvis? I grew up with his movies. He was a  great guy," said Dolly.

Now, 40 years after his death, the King of rock and roll covers the walls of Dolly's restaurant. He's part of local history.

On February 21, 1956, he stopped at the small town diner for a bite to eat.

"He actually sat right here," Dolly pointed out.

Elvis was performing in Sarasota. He liked the food so much he stopped by twice, ordering the exact same thing.

"He ordered three eggs, three orders of bacon, three glasses of milk, home fries and toast," Dolly recalled.

The King left a good impression on the former owners.

"He left a 50 cent tip which at that time was pretty good money," said Dolly.

Dolly's menu itself is a living tribute to Elvis. Dishes like the "Jail House Rock" and the "Hunka Hunka Burger" are very popular. The Waffle Stop's food and history continue drawing customers in daily.

"I love Elvis. My father was in the Navy and looked like Elvis," said Tina Markgraff.

Years ago, Tina Markgraff worked at the diner. Now she continues spreading the love of Elvis to even the youngest of fans.

"It's a home atmosphere. It's nostalgic. Just a little shrine here," she said.

On Saturday, August 19 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., the Waffle Stop will hold A Tribute to Elvis to mark the 40th anniversary of the King's death. A live performer will be at the restaurant. The Waffle Stop is located at 660 S. Washington Blvd in Sarasota.