Enormous 'monster' snakes measured at Australian Reptile Park for 'World Snake Day'

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In celebration of World Snake Day on Tuesday, July 16, the Australian Reptile Park pulled out their three largest snakes for a "battle of the snakes" weigh-in and measurement.

A press release from the zoo said the event went smoothly, but it certainly shocked visitors at the park who were not expecting to see three giant snakes out and about in the open.

"All three snakes require all hands on deck and are extremely dangerous to handle, especially Monster who has bitten one of the reptile keepers in the past. Joining monster is Nikki Minaj the Anaconda and Fluffy the Burmese Python who also require careful handling and many keepers around should the situation go south," the press release stated.

Monster weighed in at 61kg (or about 135 pounds) and a massive 5.53 meters (or about 6 yards); Nikki Minaj came in at 35 kg (or about 77 pounds) and 3.9 meters (or about 4 yards); and Fluffy the Burmese python weighed in at 49 kg (or about 108 pounds) and 4.49 meters (or about 5 yards).