EXCLUSIVE: Fiancée of man shot 9 times discusses Christmas Eve road rage shooting in Katy

The fiancée of a man who was shot nine times on Christmas Eve spoke exclusively with FOX 26.

Gabriela Granero says the road rage shooting happened as she and her 26-year-old fiancé Anthony Hipp were trying to make a right turn at Westgreen and I-10 in Katy, the night of Christmas Eve.


"Right as we came to the red light the car behind us started honking like crazy. I guess Anthony didn’t move fast enough, and then we heard something hit the back of the car," Granero explained. 

She and Anthony thought they may have been rear-ended, so he got out to check. 

"And almost instantly I heard the gunshots, and then he jumped back in the car and I could see one of the bullet holes right in his arm," Granero said. 

The gunfire hit Anthony in his arms, stomach and the back of his leg. But even after being shot nine times, he still managed to drive himself and his pregnant fiancée away from danger and to a hospital. 

"When we got here, he was so pale. I’ve never seen anyone look so white. I was just praying for God to save him and keep him alive," Granero said. 

As of Sunday, Anthony was still clinging to life, but doctors are uncertain if he’ll pull through. He lost part of his bowels, went into kidney failure, and is on dialysis and fighting a major infection. 

"The bullet hit his bowels so it’s causing him to go into septic shock, so he’s fighting the infection," Granero told FOX 26.


She says Anthony’s windows are tinted, so she didn’t see the shooter or his vehicle, but she says Anthony did. 

"He told me on the way to the hospital that it was a black Equinox, and the man who shot him was either middle eastern or Hispanic," Granero said.

Now she’s hoping that anyone who witnessed what happened will speak up so that the person who has ruined the holidays for their families can be brought to justice.  

"There were other people stopped there. The cop told me more than just one person called 911 at least one other person called it in," said Granero. 

Anyone who may have witnessed this shooting or who has information that could lead to an arrest should call the Harris County Sheriff’s Office at (713) 221-6000. Or you if you’d like to remain anonymous, you can call Crime Stoppers at (713)222-8477.