Father of girl, 4, found dead in Florida hotel mourning loss of daughter

The father of the 4-year-old girl found dead in a Kissimmee hotel room on Monday said she was the best thing in his life. 

Jorge Ezequiel said his daughter, Masiela Decaro, was very smart for her age, and that she loved her mom.

Investigators believe her mother may have been attempting a murder-suicide when they found Masiela deceased inside a hotel room at the Star Island Resort. Investigators said they found a note in the room that said "I’m sorry."

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"Ezequeil said he has no idea what happened or what would have caused the girl’s mother to do this.

Masiela Decaro

Masiela Decaro

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"It’s shocking. It’s surprising. It’s really disappointing that someone that I used to value and think so highly of just gave up and decided to do what she wanted to do and ended up costing my daughter’s life," he said.

The mother is in critical condition at the hospital. Ezequeil said the two are not together, and he has not spoken to her in a while. Still, he said he is hoping she recovers.

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