FDOT wants toll roads on I-4 for faster commute

The Florida Department of Transportation is proposing to add express lanes to one of the busiest highways in the Bay area that would make for a faster commute.

The proposal includes express toll lanes along 22 miles of I-4 from east of 50th Street to the Polk Parkway      

"Express lanes exist on Miami I-95 they exist all over the county and we're looking to place them here in Tampa Bay as well," said FDOT spokesperson Kris Carson.

Officials have even grander plans for the express lanes including along I-75 and I-275.  How much drivers would pay to use the express lanes hasn't been finalized, however it would be on a sliding scale. 

"Depending on the amount of cars in the express lanes, the rush, the tolls will fluctuate," Carson said.

There have been concerns about the lanes only being accessible to wealthier drivers.

Commuters like Cyril Spiro say this could cut drive time.

"If I was able to save 20-30 minutes going on that road that would be great," Spiro said.

Cost of the I-4 express lanes would be about half a billion dollars.

To learn more about FDOT's plans click here: http://www.tampabayexpress.com