First look at Amazon's state-of-the-art fulfillment center in Temple Terrace

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Tour Amazon's new Temple Terrace facility

Jennifer Holton reports

The new Temple Terrace Amazon fulfillment center is a few months away from opening, but on Thursday, media and other officials got to tour it. The 465,000-square-foot facility is said to have the most modern robotics technology of any Amazon fulfillment center.

"It’s a tremendous financial boost for us, many of these people will live in Temple Terrace," said the city’s mayor Andy Ross.

The center is still under construction, but FOX 13 got to learn more about the facility’s yellow towers called "pods," moved around by robots with the help of engineers like Katelyn Ackley.

"We’re able to tell them what to do with programming, they are able to do their own thing on their own, we can control them, and the associate can also call them over," Ackley said. 

After online shoppers click "buy," chances are, the item is pulled from one of the towers.

"The product will assign to the closest fulfillment center so that we can get you that fantastic Prime service," said Robert Packett, Amazon’s Southeast Regional Operations Director.

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The facility is expected to create close to 1,000 full-time jobs.

"Starting at $15 an hour and up for everyone that comes and works with us," Packett said. "We’re also creating a bunch of other jobs with finance, human resources, transportation, just tons of great opportunities."

The good news is, for anyone looking to find a job at this facility, Amazon is still hiring. They plan to open in time for the holidays.

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